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I love people who are open-minded. People who just vibe with whatever you talk about. You can talk about anything and everything. (via timid)

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Anonymous asked: who's your new bae? what happened to that one bitch? olivia I think. I'm so glad you left her I mean she's crazy and ugly as hell. and I heard she was on medication or something like wtf. so glad you've moved on from her.

first of all i don’t have a new bae nor am i even looking for one. you’re never gonna get your facts right from stalking my instagram.

second and third shut up. i know who this is. just fucking text me and stop being a pussy. you’re not even smart with the way you try and play this.

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the reason why so many people prefer older men isnt because we have some sort of kink but because we know young teenage boys are a complete fucking disaster that can only be salvaged by the sands of time

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i said a swear once and next thing you know i was doing meth

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